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Nagpur: As fuel prices continue to rise across the nation, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari today arrived at the parliament in a hydrogen-powered car.

The car is the first of its kind in India. Gadkari travelled from his residence to the Parliament in the car this morning as a part of the pilot project. The union minister is always seen promoting electric vehicles and eco-friendly vehicles. He also has often spoken about a transition to renewables and green energy.

The car can reportedly cover almost 600 kilometers on a full tank, which brings down the cost of travel to Rs 2 per kilometer. While addressing the media, he said that for India to become ‘Atmabirbhar,’ they have introduced green hydrogen which is generated from water.

The union minister said, “Now, manufacturing of green hydrogen will begin in the country, imports will be curbed & new employment opportunities will be created.” He added that the government of India initiated a Rs 3,000 crore mission and soon India will become the country exporting hydrogen. “Wherever coal is used (in the country), green hydrogen will be used there,” he added.

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