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Amitesh Kumar no less than General Dyre: Jwala Dhote stands up for sex workers at Ganga-Jamuna

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Nagpur: NCP’s urban cell president Jwala Dhote, who has been supporting the sex workers of the Ganga-Jamuna area on Thursday said that the Nagpur police would turn the red-light area into Jallianwala Bagh in no time.

Dhote referred to Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar as ‘General Dyre’ for prohibiting sex work in the area since August 11.

Raje Mudhoji Bhosale was present at the press conference organised by Dhote.

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Mudhoji extended his support to the sex workers and urged the CP to open up the area as soon as possible.

Dhote, along with almost 30 sex workers claimed that they even approached Guardian minister Nitin Raut for help but got ‘no response’ from him.

“He is the guardian minister but where is he now when we need his help?” Dhote criticized the minister.

Bhosale termed the sex works of the Ganga-Jamuna area as ‘Devdasis’ and said that his ancestor Raje Khandoji Bhosale had helped them bring Lord Jagannath deity to Nagpur from Puri almost 300 years back.

“Why is there a sudden closure of this historic place?” he questioned the police during the press conference.

Dhote took a jibe at the CP and asked ‘Who is he to rehabilitate the sex workers? It is not his job and is the job of the government.’

There were almost 30 sex workers present during the press conference and also spoke up about the issues they have been facing due to the closure of the red-light area.

One of them also claimed that three women constables ‘lathi charged’ her while she was just sitting outside her house.

Dhote in the end said that if the barricades weren’t removed within two to three days, she would organise a protest along with the sex workers and reach Amitesh Kumar’s house to fight for their rights.




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