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Auto rickshaw and taxi unions called off their strike against fuel price increases on Tuesday, but they have warned that if auto-/taxi drivers’ demands are not met within the next 25 days, they will disrupt Delhi’s food supply chain.

“We held a one-day symbolic protest to warn the central government that if no action is taken in the next 25 days, we will shut down the entire food chain in Delhi, including tempos and trucks.” “Whatever milk, vegetables, or other essential items arrive in Delhi will not arrive, and the Central government will be held accountable,” said Indrajeet Singh, President of Rajdhani Parivahan Panchayat, while speaking to reporters.

In addition, he stated, “we have spoken to three MPs, and they have said they cannot assist us.” We attempted to contact Hardeep Singh Puri via Twitter and phone, but received no response.”

However, unions representing auto rickshaws and yellow-black taxis have decided to resume operations and have called off their strike for the time being.

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