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A colossal ship named the ‘Felicity Ace’, carrying thousands of posh cars sank on Tuesday in the mid-Atlantic, about 253 miles off the Azores, according to the company that managed the vessel.

The ship carried around 4,000 cars, including more than 1,000 Porches and 200 Bentleys.

The Portuguese navy said in the statement that, “A small patch of oily residue was visible and was being dispersed by the water jets of the tugboats.”

Environmental groups are concerned about the ship sink and the pollution to be caused will be extremely grave for the ecosystem of the Azores.

The zone is a home of many whales, blue whales, humpback whales, dolphins and sharks, according to the Oceana, an environmental group.

A prodigious ship like the felicity Ace can hold more than three million liters of heavy fuel, as well as oil, according to Oceana. Other pollutants include electrical wires, paint and plastics.

Commercial ships and a helicopter rescued the ship’s 22 crew members and fortunately no one was injured during the evacuation.

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