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India Covid case drop

Nagpur: Metropolis cities are completely shut down, putting strain on the economy in the midst of China’s zero-COVID policy. According to reports, China is in a vulnerable position due to rising inflation and disrupted global supply chains.

Through strict lockdowns, mass testing, and travel restrictions, the Zero-Covid-19 policy aims to eradicate infections. “Shanghai records 21,000 new cases following its third consecutive day of COVID testing as a lockdown of its 26 million people showed no sign of easing and other Chinese cities tightened curbs – even in places where no recent infections have occurred,” according to the Hong Kong Post.

China has dismissed media reports yet again, insisting that nothing happened. Millions of people in Shanghai, China, are trapped in their homes, facing food shortages as the city has been shut down for nearly a fortnight. As a result, hungry residents have taken to the streets to protest against the government.

“23 Chinese cities have implemented either full or partial lockdowns,” and these major cities account for 22% of China’s GDP.

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