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Nagpur: As maximum countries around the world have started returning back to normalcy after a drop in the Cobid-19 cases, China, on the other hand is seeing its worst outbreak of the virus in two years.

The country on Sunday reported 3,100 locally transmitted cases in a single day, considered to be the highest in two years. Authorities claim that the surge in cases is due to the Omicron variant. Amid the rising cases, China has put a lot of parts under lockdown.

After recording over 1,000 new cases for two consecutive days in a row, the Chinese government has put high-tech Shenzhen city under lockdown which has a population of over 17 million. The city is also all set to suspend metro and bus services as per various reports.

Not just lockdown, the local authorities are also imposing local curbs on schools, restaurants, malls and other public places. Shanghai, too, has temporarily shut down schools, businesses and malls.

The South China Morning Post said China was on the brink of its biggest Covid-19 crisis since Wuhan.

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