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Since the start of the corona crisis, it has been remarkably easy for motorists to get in and out of Amsterdam. They have much less to do with traffic jams in the city than before, according to the TomTom Traffic Index for last year. Amsterdam has ended up outside the top 10 of congestion cities. The city is twelfth on the list of the 17 largest cities.

It was not only quieter in Amsterdam because many people worked from home, but also because tourists stayed away.

The city where motorists most often suffer from delays was Haarlem. A ‘traffic jam level’ of 28 percent was measured there. This means that a motorist has a delay of 8.5 minutes on a half-hour journey. Amsterdam had a traffic jam level of 18 percent last year, or slightly more than 5 minutes delay on a half-hour ride.

In the list, The Hague is at 2 and Groningen at 3. In the latter city, there are extra traffic jams due to the renovation of the southern ring road, which is expected to last until 2024. Almere is the quietest of the major Dutch cities. There, motorists have an average delay of 3 minutes on a 30-minute journey.

Dutch cities easily accessible

All Dutch cities worldwide are remarkably easy to reach. Not a single city is in the top 100 of the 404 cities in 58 countries for which TomTom maintains data.

The city with the most traffic congestion is Istanbul. There, motorists stand still for almost 20 minutes in a half-hour drive. Moscow and Kiev are ranked 2nd and 3rd worldwide.

In Western Europe, the busiest cities are Palermo and Paris, at 36 and 37.

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