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Deltacron emerges (1)

Nagpur: Just when the countries started limping back to normalcy, a hybrid of Omicron and Delta variant has begun circulating in Europe.
The variant which has been termed as ‘Deltacron’ has slowly begun surfacing in France, Denmark and Netherlands as per the World Health Organisation (WHO) briefing on Wednesday. Covid-19 technical lead at the WHO, Maria Van Kerkhove, PhD said that there is very good surveillance in many countries right now and as a result experts have determined “there are very low levels of this detection.”

Deltacron was first reported earlier this year. As per researchers, it is a single, hybrid variant that combines genes from both Delta and Omicron variants. Professor of infectious diseases at the University of California, Dr John Swartzberg said, “It’s got features of Omicron and features of delta.”

The WHO is yet to declare the newly-emerged variant as a ‘variant of concern’ and said that more studies are needed to comment upon it

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