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Dutch agricultural exports in 2021 104.7 billion euros

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The Netherlands exported 104.7 billion euros worth of agricultural goods in 2021, an increase of 9.4% compared to 2020. This is a combination of the export of Dutch products (75.7 billion) and the re-export of agricultural products from abroad ( 29.0 billion). Both the export volume (+4%) and prices (+5%) have increased compared to 2020. The import of agricultural goods has also increased to 72.5 billion (9.9% growth compared to 2020). This is apparent from the annual survey by Wageningen Economic Research (WUR) and CBS, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

This edition of the report shows once again that Dutch agriculture and horticulture is closely intertwined with European and international markets. In addition, the Dutch agri-food sector has innovative entrepreneurship, expertise and a unique logistics position.

Minister Staghouwer: “Dutch farmers, horticulturists and fishermen are committed to providing the inhabitants of Europe and other parts of the world with good food and quality flowers and plants. I am very impressed by that. We should therefore not lose sight of the international aspect of our agri-food sector now that we are on the eve of a switch to more sustainable agriculture and horticulture. And you don’t have to. I see an opportunity for the Dutch agricultural sector to continue to produce for the world within the limits of what is possible, but above all and emphatically to share our knowledge and expertise about crops, cultivation techniques and sustainability even more with the world. I will therefore continue to work for a strong Dutch position within the global food chain.”

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Neighboring countries main customers

The most important market for both the export and the import of agricultural goods for the Netherlands remains Europe. In particular, the nearby markets of Germany (25% of exports and 18% of imports), Belgium (12% of exports and 13% of imports) and France (8% of exports and 6% of imports ).

The product groups with the highest export value in 2021 are ornamental plant products (12.0 billion euros), meat (9.1 billion euros), dairy and eggs (8.7 billion euros), vegetables (7.2 billion euros) and fruit (7 0.0 billion euros).

70% of all agricultural imports eventually end up abroad. The majority directly as re-export (43%) and the remainder after processing the import in the Netherlands (27%). This means that 30% of agricultural imports remain in the Netherlands, with 17% being directly intended for Dutch consumption and 13% being consumed after processing in the Netherlands.

Exports of agricultural-related goods, such as agricultural machinery, machines for the food industry, greenhouse materials, fertilizers and plant protection products, also increased in 2021 to 10.6 billion euros (10% growth compared to 2020).

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