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Father opens fire on workers, bullet pierces son’s head

Father kiiled son
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In a tragic incident, a 16-year-old boy in Karnataka’s Dakshina Kannada district, is in a critical state after being hit by a bullet fired by his father allegedly at two workers demanding their dues, police said.

Manguluru Police Commissioner N. Shashikumar said that the incident took place on Tuesday near Vaishnavi Express Cargo Private Ltd and one of the bullets pierced the left eye of Sudheendra, a Class 10 student, and penetrated 7 to 8 inches into the head. The boy is in the ICU.

“Rajesh Prabhu, the father, has a licensed gun. The police have recovered two empty bullet cases from the spot. However, it is not yet clear how exactly this incident took place. There are rumours that the incident has taken place against the backdrop of pending dues to workers. The whole sequence is unclear. We will question the father and workers who were present at that time,” he said.

“The police have obtained CCTV footage and there are witnesses to the incident as the bullet has been fired in full public view,” Shashikumar added.

Police sources say that the man, who runs a transport company, was enraged as the workers demanded their dues and opened fire on them.

They say the problem started when workers Chandra and Ashraf demanded their dues, and Prabu allegedly lost his cool when an argument broke out and slapped one of the workers. Later, in the melee, he opened fire on them, but hit his son accidentally.



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