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Nagpur: Essential commodities, such as fruits and vegetables, have been rising in price across the country, putting a strain on the average citizen’s wallet. Other commodities, such as compressed natural gas, have also been rising in price (CNG).

Due to increased demand and a lack of supply, lemon prices in Gujarat’s Surat have risen to Rs 300 per kilograms. The nationwide celebrations of Chaitra Navratri and Ramzan during the scorching summer have resulted in an increase in demand.

Almost all vegetables have increased in price in Uttarakhand, with lemons fetching Rs 200-250 per kg and bitter gourd fetching Rs 30-35 per kg in the mandi.

Watermelon prices have also risen by Rs 50 in Puducherry, and tomato, chilli, radish, pumpkin, and gourd prices in Bihar increased last week, with traders blaming the increase on an increase in fuel prices.

The cost of a variety of commodities has risen in the province. Petrol in the metropolis rose to Rs 105.41, while it surpassed the Rs 120 mark in Mumbai on Wednesday

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