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Google secretly aiming to release its spick and span augmented reality (AR) headset by 2024. The project is called ‘Project Iris’ and is a parallel match of ski goggles.

Earlier, the reports were circulated about a brief information on this project by the Verge. As the outline is quite a closed book, little is known about the slate of this project is that only authorised people have been granted permission to enter the property. Employees have also signed some non-disclosure agreements based on this subject.

Google’s San Francisco facility is utilised, where around 300 people including some from team Pixel, are presently working on it. The team is currently led by Clay Bavor.

The present layout of AR goggles is assumed to be an outward-facing camera that will project the real world to the wearer. The AR glasses are battery-run and won’t require an external power source. Google is also centering their focus on software features and has initiated their various services like Google Lens, Google Search, Google Maps.

As there are many, in this wiggle AR-augmented race to be on the top. It will be an enthralling site for users to view Google, Apple and Meta leading the hardware space.

Highlighted points

  1. Google’s AR project’s code name is ‘Project Iris’.
  2. AR to have an outward-facing camera to project the real world to the wearer.
  3. AR not to use external power sources.

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