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The import-export firm of businessman Harish Ahuja has been duped of Rs 27.61 crores. Highly sophisticated cybercriminals were detained by the Faridabad police on Friday.

The police enunciated that the rogues had been duping Harish’s firm, Shahi Export Factory, by misapplying the rebate of State and Central taxes and Levies (ROSCTL) licenses meant for his firm, against his Digital Signature Certificate and encashing them.

Faridabad Deputy Police Commissioner Nitish Aggarwal clarified that the government offers incentives to export firms through ROSCTL licenses that can be utilised to get rebates on duties and taxes. The licenses are quite similar to digital coupons and are worth lakhs of rupees.

DCP Aggarwal said that the scammers had obtained a total of 154 ROSCT licenses, meant for the “Shahi Export Factory,” which was worth Rs 27.61 crores. The miscreants encashed the amount by transferring the licenses to other false companies operated by them.

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