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Hay fever weather forecast

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Hay fever season started with alder and hazel

The peace in nature has come to an end! Due to the mild weather recently, alder and hazel trees have come into full bloom. During dry periods, the pollen from these trees can cause hay fever complaints.

The hay fever season has started again. Because of the exceptionally mild weather around the turn of the year, many alder and hazel trees have blossomed. Fortunately, there is regular rain, so that people have hay fever symptoms are not too bad for the time being. Moreover, it is not nearly as soft anymore, which slows down flowering and a clean wind blows from the sea. During dry days, the amount of pollen in the air can increase quickly and you can experience hay fever complaints.

Normally, the alder and hazel cause nuisance in January as well as in February, because not all trees and shrubs bloom at the same time and there are different types of alder and hazel in country. Periods of mild weather can give an extra boost to flowering.

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