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According to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the country will receive a record number of new doctors in the next ten years as a result of the central government’s plan to establish a medical college in every district.
The prime minister spoke via video conferencing at the inauguration ceremony of the KK Patel Super Specialty Hospital in Gujarat’s bhuj district, saying that the government’s efforts to make medical education accessible to all will also help the cause.
“Whether it is the goal of building medical colleges in every district of the country or efforts to make medical education accessible to all, the country is going to get a record number of new doctors in the coming 10 years,” PM Modi said.
Adding to this, he added, “Two decades ago, there were only nine medical colleges in Gujarat with only 1,100 seats. Today we have more than 36 medical colleges with 6,000 seats.”
He pointed out that the term “better health facilities” refers not only to disease treatment but also to social justice.
PM Modi stated that, “When a poor get access to the cheap and best treatment, his faith in the system gets stronger.”

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