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Nagpur: The United States on Wednesday welcomed the International Court of Justice’s order asking Russia to immediately suspend its military operations in Ukraine.

The court said it was ‘profoundly concerned’ by Moscow’s use of force. The presiding judge Joan Donoghue told the International Court of Justice or the ICJ that the Russian federation shall immediately suspend military operations that it commenced on February 24 on the territory of Ukraine.

Donoghue further said, “The court is profoundly concerned about the use of force by the Russian Federation which raises very serious issues in international law.”

India’s judge at the ICJ, Justice Dalveer Bhandari also voted against Russia. Bhandari voting against Russia is said to be an independent move. Earlier, at the UN assembly, India had abstained from voting against Russia and instead called on both sides to focus on negotiations rather than choosing a violent path.

Ukraine’s representative Anton Korynevych told the ICJ last week, “Russia must be stopped, and the court has a role to play in stopping that.”

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