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Nagpur – India’s exports have touched the mark of 7 million tonnes and it is said that it might rise by 25% as per the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA).

Currently, 521 mills are in operation, compared to 506 mills last season. As of May 15, 2022, 405 mills had ceased operations, while 116 sugar mills remained in operation in the country.

“In comparison to last year, net sugar production without diversion into ethanol is up by 58.07 lakh tonnes, or about 18 percent.”

“However, in terms of actual sugar produced after considering diversion for ethanol production, the difference in sugar production is about 44.06 lakh tonnes owing to higher estimated sugar diversion into ethanol this year by about 14 lac tonnes,” said ISMA.

According to ISMA’s release, “as per port information and market reports, over 85 lakh tonnes of contracts for sugar export have already been entered into so far.” Approximately 71 lakh tonnes of sugar have been physically exported out of the country as of April 30, 2022. In comparison, 43.19 lakh tonnes of sugar were exported during the same period last year. It is also reported that another 8-10 lakh tonnes of sugar are in the works to be physically exported in May 2022. ISMA anticipates more than 90 lakh tonnes of export in the current season, up from 71.91 lakh tonnes in the previous season.”

“Total sales in April 2022 are expected to be 160.05 lakh tonnes, up from 152.61 lakh tonnes in the same month last year.” This would imply that sales in the current fiscal year up to April 2022 are up by about 7.5 lakh tonnes, or about 5%, compared to the previous year’s corresponding period,” according to ISMA

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