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Kejriwal calls BJP ‘Serial Killers of Government’


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal refers to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a “serial killer” that “murders all governments,” on Friday, 26 August, and called for a confidence motion on Monday, 29 August.

He said that BJP has dismantled several governments and now they have turned toward Delhi. There is a serial killer of governments in our country.
The AAP national convener claimed that the BJP had bought 277 MLAs across the country so far. They have calculated that 277 MLAs have come to their party (BJP), they would’ve given Rs 20 cr to each MLA then they’ve bought MLAs worth Rs 5,500 crores.”

Kejriwal added that BJP is using all its money to buy MLAs at the expense of the common man and that’s the reason for inflation.

Speaking about the raid at Minister Manish Sisodia’s residence, Kejriwal said, “The lasted for 14 hours, but not a single penny was found. No jewellery, no cash, no documents related to property or land, and not even incriminating documents, nothing was found. It was a false raid.”

Kejriwal claimed that the BJP was trying to bribe 40 MLAs to leave Aam Aadmi Party in an attempt to bring down Kejriwal’s government. The BJP offered 20 crores to MLAs to switch.

Kejriwal further said, “All anti-national forces have come together against Delhi’s AAP govt, ours is the most popular govt, these forces want to break us but all our MLAs are together. They’ll fabricate false cases against us till Gujarat poll.”
Kejriwal further asked ‘How the BJP have the money to buy so many MLAs ?’.

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