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KLM raises ticket prices on long-haul flights due to high oil prices

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KLM will increase ticket prices for long-haul flights from Friday due to the sharp rise in oil prices. The airline’s French sister company Air France is also increasing its prices, a KLM spokesperson confirmed after reporting by various media.

According to KLM, the price increase depends on the destination and travel class. For example, the price for a return flight between Amsterdam and New York will increase by 30 euros for an economy class ticket and 100 euros for a business class ticket. The price increase only applies to new bookings.

Fuel is a major expense for airlines. Due to the war in Ukraine and concerns about disruptions to Russian oil supplies, oil prices have soared to their highest levels in years. As a result, the costs of kerosene for aircraft are increasing, which is now translated to the ticket prices for KLM and Air France.

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Reporting by ANP.


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