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Nagpur: The Maharashtra government has decided to temporarily curtail the electricity supply in few parts of the state amid the current power crisis.
The weather officials have predicted maximum temperatures above normal in April in many northern regions and hence the power demand in the country is expected to surge even more. As per officials, Gujarat and Maharashtra have resorted to load shedding.
The load shedding is being carried out in both urban and rural areas, as per the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company’s statement on April 11. It further added that due to the growing demand for power and shortage of coal have resulted in a deficit of 2,500-3,000 MW in power. The MSEDCL, has resorted to load shedding to bridge the gap as per the state electricity regulatory commission.
What exactly do you mean by load shedding?

In simple terms, the term load shedding is used when power companies reduce electricity consumption by switching off the power supply to customers or a group of customers because the entire system is at risk due to excessive power usage.

As per MSEDCL, Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai will not be affected by the load shedding process in the state. It is because these areas have less power distribution losses and good recovery of bill payment as compared to other places.

As per a report by Hindustan Times, the rise in the heat since February and an increase in requirements from agricultural and industrial consumers have led to a record demand of over 28,000 MW. The MSEDCL is servicing a demand of around 24,800 MW, which is a jump of around 4,000 MW compared to the previous year. This is expected to grow to around 25,500 MW.

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