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Nagpur: A woman from Darodi village of Ahmednagar district showed exemplary grit and saved her husband from the clutches of a leopard while fighting valiantly with the feline.

The woman, identified as Sanjana Pawade, who is in her late 30s showed absolutely no signs of fear in the situation. As per the forest officials, she grabbed the tail of the leopard, pulled it back, following which the leopard lost its grip and the man got saved.

Forest guard Hari Athare said, “While her family members were fast asleep, Sanjana sensed the presence of a leopard outside their house. She woke up her husband Gorakh Dashrath Pawade, who went out to check. The leopard then suddenly jumped on the man and attacked him.”

When she was trying to free her husband from the carnivore’s clutches, the victim’s father and dog arrived there. Athare added, “Gorakh’s father started hitting the leopard with sticks and granite tiles and the dog also attacked the leopard. The leopard lost its grip on the man, who then ran away from the animal.”

The forest guard further said, “Generally, a leopard grabs a person or another animal by the neck. But, in this incident, the victim also kept fighting and saved his neck from being caught by the feline.”

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