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It’s been averred that meta’s ongoing tech project is based on tracking facial expressions and eye movements in Metaverse, according to the patents unveiled by the Financial Times (FT).

The Metaverse is regarded as a succeeding vision of the future in this digital epoch, where people will primarily have an access to this enthralling technology, which includes virtual and augmented reality along with some special chic headsets.

The FT reports says, it discovered a patent specifying how sensors inside a headset would track a user’s facial expressions to ‘adapt media content’ for them. To outline it in simple words, the potential application will project a user’s virtual avatar that would mimic their real-life facial expressions.

In accordance with the reports, the spokesperson said, “While we don’t comment on specific coverage of our patents or our reasons for filing them, it’s important to note that our patents don’t necessarily cover the technology used in our products and services.”

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