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Nagpur: In his traditional pre-session comments, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the discussions in the Budget session should not be affected due to the upcoming polls in five states.

Modi urged all leaders, MPs and the political parties to come forward with an ‘open-minded’ debate ahead of the Parliament budget session. The prime minister said that due to the elections, the discussions in the parliament are impacted.

While addressing the media, Modi said, “In this Session too, discussions, issues of discussions and open-minded debates can become an important opportunity for global impact. I hope that all MPs, political parties will have quality discussions with an open mind and help take the country on the development path swiftly.”

He further added that the budget session gives an opportunity to take the country to economic heights. The statement comes a day after a report by the New York Times stating that the saffron party had bought Pegasus spyware from Israel as a party of defence deal in 2017.

Similar allegations had emerged last year; however, the statements were denied by the central government. As per several reports, the spyware by the Israeli firm NSO and the missile system were the ‘centrepieces’ of an almost $2 billion deal between the two countries.

The Modi-led BJP government is all set to face attacks from several opposition parties over allegations related to the controversial Pegasus spyware.

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