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Nagpur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the judiciary will assist in the preparation of a roadmap for an effective and time-bound judicial delivery system in the country, as well as that the court should encourage the use of local languages.

The Prime Minister also stated that the judiciary is the custodian of the Constitution, while the legislature is tasked with representing the people’s aspirations.”

In our country, while the judiciary is the guardian of the constitution, the legislature represents the aspirations of the citizens,” Prime Minister Modi said during a joint conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of the High Court. I believe the legislature reflects citizens’ aspirations. I believe that the convergence of these two will lay the groundwork for the country’s effective and time-bound delivery system.

“He went on to say, “We need to encourage local languages in courts.” This will not only increase common citizens’ trust in the justice system, but will also make them feel more connected to it.”“75 years of India’s independence have clarified the roles and responsibilities of the judiciary and executive,” he said, adding that “wherever necessary, this relationship between judiciary and executive has evolved to give direction to the country.

“The Prime Minister also emphasized the importance of a digital judicial system, saying, “To strengthen citizens, technology has become an important tool.” Similarly, our judicial infrastructure must be digitalized. Human resources who are tech-savvy are critical to integrating Digital India into the nation’s growth story. Colleges are teaching blockchain, cyber security, robotics, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

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