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Nagpur: In a move to stop wrong side driving in Mumbai, the city traffic police will now start seizing the vehicles of motorists who drive on the wrong side of the road.

A warning regarding the same was issued by the cops after a number of FIRs were registered for wrong-side driving offences. Earlier, on March 6, a campaign was started by city police chief commissioner Sanjay Pandey to bring awareness to the severity of the issue, the cases still haven’t come down.

Till March 31, almost 2,649 FIRs were registered against the motorists for driving on the wrong side. The city police chief then asked the officials to act against motorists and remove the abandoned vehicles from roads after getting several complaints from residents and senior citizens.

According to police officials, on average, each day they are registering at least 200 FIRs on the issue, Pandey has tweeted that if the numbers do not go down, the police will be instructed to seize the vehicle of the driver.

Senior police officer from Mumbai traffic police department said, “Till now, we were not impounding the vehicles of the motorists who were caught driving on the wrong side; however, it is observed that even after 25 days of the awareness campaign being started, people have not learnt a lesson.”

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