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Nagpur: As per ANI, the first batch of Indian students left Chernivtsi for the Ukraine-Romania border from where they will be sent back to India.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to mass panic and fear in the students, who are especially away from their homes. The citizens in Ukraine are in constant fear due to the air raid sirens and bombs and missiles being dropped by the Russian army.

One such case came into light of a first-year medical student Rushil Mirzapure, who hails from Nagpur. Rushil shifted to Ukraine in 2021 for his further studies. The Free Media reached out to him over video call to get to know the ground reality and how the Ministry of External Affairs is helping the stranded students.

Soon after getting in touch with Mirzapure, the siren went off and the call got disrupted. He told The Free Media that this was the second siren which went off. “The first siren means that we need to pack our bags and get ready to evacuate. The second siren means we need to evacuate and hide in the bunkers. The third siren indicates that the Russian jets have entered and we need to be prepared for any possibility,” the 19-year-old medical student said.

He further said that there are about 3,000 to 4,000 Indian students stuck with him and are constantly trying to get in touch with the embassy. “We have been trying to reach out to the embassy but the numbers are busy all the time. We tried to get in touch with the numbers provided by the Ministry of External affairs but that too, seems to be of no use,” Mirzapure said, losing hope on call.

In a low voice, he said he was supposed to head back to India on March 4. “Now that seems to be impossible because the airbase has been captured. We want to go back home,” he said while keeping the call.

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