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Netherlands up (1)

US President Biden and the heads of government of other NATO countries have decided to deploy NATO’s flash force for the first time to bolster the military alliance’s eastern flank. After a video conference, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said leaders have decided to send some of the 40,000 members of the NATO Response Force to Eastern European member states.

Stoltenberg said, without giving an exact number, that there are thousands of soldiers from the army, air force and navy. Some 5000 NATO soldiers were already stationed in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, and that number has been increasing in recent times. Yesterday, the US announced it would send another 7,000 troops to Europe.

All NATO neighbors of Russia and Ukraine, except Hungary, had called for emergency talks on their security. Ukraine’s President Zelensky also asked the alliance for help. NATO leaders reiterated that they will not help Ukraine with military intervention. Also, NATO as an organization will not supply weapons, although several NATO countries separately do so.

Preparedness in the Netherlands up

In the Netherlands, the preparedness of the Defense organization was increased yesterday and the reaction time was reduced. Preparations are made so that personnel and equipment can be deployed quickly and that ammunition and spare parts are ready. The movement of supplies and personnel will be seen in several parts of the country, a defense spokesman said yesterday .

According to Prime Minister Rutte, the Netherlands has so far not been asked to contribute more to the NATO flash force than was announced yesterday.

A group of British soldiers arrived in Estonia this afternoon to reinforce the NATO battalion stationed there, about 150 kilometers from the border with Russia. It involved a convoy of six tanks and other military vehicles. The British have pledged to send an additional 850 troops and equipment to Estonia, doubling the number of British soldiers there now.

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