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Netherlands – Shops, sports clubs and hairdressers open again on Saturday 15 January

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From Saturday 15 January 2022, more will be possible again for sports, the practice of art and culture, contact professions, retail and education in the Netherlands.

The cabinet has decided that shops, sports clubs, music schools and contact professions such as hairdressers can open again. There is also a tightening up for wearing a mouth cap. The rapidly increasing and high number of infections with the omikron variant makes it necessary to continue the closure of other locations. On Tuesday 25 January, the cabinet will again decide whether more is possible.

Education, culture and sports

Physical education in secondary vocational education and higher education can now also be resumed . All sports activities and art and culture ( for example music, theater and dance) indoors and outdoors is possible again. Public is not yet allowed. Sports competitions within the own club are also possible again.
From the age of 18, the corona ticket remains mandatory for indoor sports and for practicing art and culture indoors and outdoors.

Retail and contact professions

The doors of the shops can open again every day, until 5 pm. 1.5 meters must be kept, there is a visitor standard, a mouth cap obligation and hygiene measures. Hairdressers, nail studios, sex workers and people with other contact professions can resume their work until 5 p.m.

face masks

The mouth cap advice is being expanded. Wherever it is not possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters, it is recommended to wear a face mask. This applies, for example, to busy outdoor public places, such as shopping streets. But also in the workplace. From now on, the advice is to wear a disposable mouth cap. Fabrics and homemade mouth caps are not recommended.

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Anyone who has a booster shot of at least a week old or who had corona less than 8 weeks ago no longer needs to be quarantined after close contact with an infected person. As long as someone has no complaints. This change takes effect immediately. The quarantine advice for people in certain professions who have not had a booster or infection is still being worked out.

Other measures

With the record highs of infections of the omikron variant, there is still a risk that healthcare will be overloaded. In addition, the large number of infections and the quarantine rules lead to the loss of personnel. That can lead to major problems.

These measures will apply from 15 January:

1. Keep 1.5 meters away everywhere.

2. Stay at home if you have complaints and use a self-test. If you have a positive result, have yourself tested at the GGD.

 3. Do not receive more than 4 people from 13 years per day at home . Visit a maximum of 1 household per day.

4.Outside it is recommended to be together with no more than 4 people older than 13 years.
5.All catering is closed. Ordering and collection is possible.
6.Cinemas, museums, theaters and concert halls are closed.
7.Essential stores , such as supermarkets and drugstores, are open until 8 p.m.
8. Regular opening hours apply for, among other things, gas stations, pharmacies, driving schools, the notary or lawyer.

These measures are in addition to the measures and advice that already apply to everyone at the moment, such as the basic rules, the mask obligation, the advice to do a self-test before visiting others and the advice to work from home.

People aged 70 and over are advised to limit their contacts as much as possible, including with children, and to keep 1.5 meters away from them.

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