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Apple is presumably working on a more advanced charger with a 35W output. The charger may have two USB-C ports, which means you will be able to charge two iPhones at the same time.

Apple itself revealed this in a document on its support website on Saturday. This could be a gallium nitride (GaN) charger, which employs technology that allows manufacturers to reduce the size of the adapter while maintaining fast-charging capabilities.

GaN chargers are on their way to becoming the norm, as fast charging batteries have become more common over the years. USB-C chargers are both more compact and faster.

According to other reports, the unreleased charger may have MagSafe technology, possibly as an updated version of the MagSafe Duo. The MagSafe Duo technology allows an iPhone and an Apple Watch to charge simultaneously, but the speed distribution is not equal or optimal.

The idea that Apple will enter the GaN arena is exciting, if Apple makes a foray into this reality, it will create a wave among other manufacturers.

Will you buy the Apple USB-C dual port charger, if it is priced higher?

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