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Nagpur: Telegram founder Pavel Durov has officially announced that Telegram Premium, a subscription-based offering, will be available later this month.

“The new paid offer will go “above and beyond” what Telegram currently offers,” Durov said.

“After some thought, we realized that the only way to give our most demanding fans more while keeping our existing features free is to charge for these increased limits.” As a result, we will launch Telegram Premium this month, a subscription plan that will allow anyone to gain access to additional features, speed, and resources. Users will also be able to support Telegram and join the club that gets new features first.

According to the report, Telegram Premium will have no effect on existing platform users. It will remain free, and free users will benefit from those who pay a premium.

Premium users’ files, media, and stickers are displayed to free users, with extra-large file sizes being one perk of the offering. Premium reactions that are already in use on a message will be made available to free users who wish to use the same reaction.

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