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Nightclubs and discotheques plan to open their doors next Saturday. Two organizations representing the businesses, Nachtbelang and the Overleg Amsterdamse Clubs (OAC), say they are fed up that the Cabinet’s plans to reopen society still have not given any consideration to nightlife companies. They want clubs across the country to open their doors on February 12.

“And not for one night, but just every night,” said activist group De Nacht Staat Op, which translates as The Night Rises Up. “Everyone deserves the night to get to know themselves and to be themselves. If you don’t see that, you’re sleeping.

That’s why the night rises up: to shake the government and wake everyone up again,” the group said in a video on the Instagram page.

According to a spokesperson for the campaign, the aim is to generate attention for the clubs again. “We notice that is not happening at all, and that just hurts after being closed for two years.”

The spokesperson said, “With this action we want to show ourselves how we can open safely again. It is certain that the target group of nightclubs is now visiting each other at various locations and parties, he stated. “We can do that much more safely with security guards, bar staff and a good ventilation system.” The intention is that during the night of the February 12 promotion, the coronavirus access pass will be checked.

The sector will continue to consult with the Ministry of Economic Affairs on Monday. According to the ministry, this is about “collecting input to take with to the Cabinet’s deliberation moment.” According to a spokesperson, no decision will be made about the use of the 1G coronavirus pass policy in the nightlife sector, where all visitors are required to get a coronavirus test regardless of vaccination or recovery status.

Health Minister Ernst Kuipers said in the Tweede Kamer last week that he wanted to investigate whether the nightlife industry could open with the 1G policy. Currently, the 3G policy is in place, where the access pass is provided to anyone considered fully vaccinated against Covid-19, anyone who recently recovered from the coronavirus infection, or anyone who tests negative within 24 hours of entry.

According to the current rules, the entire hospitality industry must close its doors at 10 p.m. nightly. Assigned seating is also required.
Reporting by ANP.

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