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In a display of somewhat depressing respondents, Indians seem to feel that most of them don’t seem to have learnt proper lessons from the deadly and devastating second wave of the pandemic, as per IANS – C Voter Omicron Snap Poll.

The snap poll had a sample size of 1,942. When asked if Indians were repeating exactly the same mistakes made before the second wave 52.2 per cent of the respondents were of the opinion that Indians were indeed making the same mistakes by holidaying, attending and throwing parties, going to weddings and other functions and participating in political rallies.

Another 24.1 per cent felt that at least some of the mistakes were being repeated. Only 13.4 per cent felt that Indians were not repeating the same mistakes. In effect, more than three in four Indians are admitting that they are repeating the pre second wave mistakes.

This could have serious repercussions as a massive third wave could once again overwhelm the precarious health infrastructure of the country.

At the moment, perhaps swayed by scientific opinions widely reported by the media, most Indians think that the new Omicron variant is comparatively mild and benign in nature as it doesn’t attack the lungs. But scientists and epidemiologists themselves admit that there is no way of knowing how and when the virus variant could mutate into something far more deadly.

As the number of cases surge in India, the scientific and medical community is keeping its fingers crossed and praying that Indians do not repeat the same mistakes.

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