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Nagpur: North Nagpur residents from six localities are facing an infrastructure and maintenance crisis. The crisis timeline goes like this: First, they had tap water but no motorable roads. On getting concrete roads, they are struggling to get water. Now, the new concrete road has been dug up to replace a water pipeline. So, now they have a damaged road and no tap water.

NMC spent Rs 2 crore just two months ago to construct internal roads in Shende Nagar, Manav Nagar, Awde Nagar, and Deepak Nagar in North Nagpur constituency. The waterworks department has now taken over the task of replacing the damaged pipeline.

Residents are currently dealing with not only dug-up roads, but also a lack of water supply. Tankers have been deployed because there is no water in the taps due to ongoing construction.

The 4.5 km encroached pipeline at Manav Nagar and Shende Nagar was replaced under R&R, according to OCW, “New network charging is being implemented, which will resolve all water complaints in these areas,” said an OCW spokesperson.

“We charged the new network on April 21, and discovered some major hidden connectivity is passing through the sewerage chamber,” he continued. We disconnected all of them. Today, we will check the water supply in these areas once more.”

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