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The number of Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands is rising rapidly, says State Secretary Van der Burg for Asylum and Migration. This morning 2300 people had requested shelter. Ukrainians who have arranged their own accommodation are not included.

The cabinet has asked the 25 security regions to arrange all 2000 reception places. That would mean that in the long run there will be 50,000 places. Sports halls and event halls are being prepared, among other things.

People are not supposed to stay there for months. “But we must first make sure that everyone is inside and has a roof over their heads, and then we will arrange further facilities.”

No maximum

In a debate with the House of Representatives, Van der Burg said today that he does not want to set a maximum on the number of refugees from Ukraine that the Netherlands can receive. “That question is out of the question. We’re not going to say at the 50,001st or 50,002nd, ‘Sorry, it ends here.'”

He said that “we just have to get to work” if more refugees come. He pointed out that you simply cannot send people back to Ukraine or let them sleep outside.

Reported by NOS

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