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Care providers who have more time for direct care to their clients and more control over the care process for clients and informal caregivers.

That is what the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) wants to achieve with the subsidy scheme InZicht.
In recent months, the number of healthcare organizations that received a subsidy for electronic data exchange grew by 107.

With this increase, the budget for the unique, cross-sector scheme of 30 million euros has been fully utilized. 

Quality of care

The participating organizations will use the money to be able to share healthcare information between healthcare professionals and their clients via the so-called personal health environment (PBL).

Clients and informal carers can take more control over their care through more insight into healthcare information.

In addition, a large part of the organizations will also use the money for the transfer between healthcare professionals (the eTransfer).

As a result, healthcare professionals can transfer data better and faster and therefore have all the information of a client available sooner.

For example, electronic exchange of data contributes to the quality of care.

Electronic Exchange

Participating organizations must have completed the realization of the electronic exchanges of the InZicht scheme by the end of 2022.

In the meantime, lessons and knowledge learned are shared as much as possible with other care organizations so that they can learn from it.

In the future, the government wants to oblige all healthcare providers to exchange data electronically.

The Electronic Data Exchange in Healthcare Act in preparation.

Legislative process

The Electronic Data Exchange in Healthcare Act will soon oblige that data exchange between healthcare providers takes place electronically.

Explanation of the law

The law will oblige healthcare providers to exchange patient data with each other electronically.

This means that healthcare providers share information about patients via a computer connection.

In the run-up to the obligation, VWS encourages healthcare to prepare for this by means of various subsidy schemes.

For the InZicht scheme, she works closely with the sector and professional organizations ActiZ, VGN, GGZ Nederland, Zorgthuisnl and V&VN.

Interested healthcare providers can contact them for more information or visit the InZicht Scheme page on LinkedIn .

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