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Nagpur: In an attempt to make relations better between the two nations, Pakistan Prime minister Imran Khan today said that he would like to have a TV debate with Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi.

Khan in an interview said, “I would love to debate with Narendra Modi on TV.” He added that it would be ‘beneficial’ for the billion-plus people in the Indian sub-continent whose differences could be resolved through debate.

The two neighbouring countries have strained relations since gaining independence 75 years ago. India’s ministry of external affairs has not immediately responded to the request put forth. In recent times, India has made it clear to Pakistan that ‘terror and talks cannot go hand-in-hand.’

India also demanded its neighbor, Pakistan to crack down on terror groups and punish the terrorists who are designated so by the United Nations. India also asked Pakistan to crack down terrorists and terror orgnaisations responsible for 2016 Pathankot attacks as well as 2019 Pulwama terror attack.

Khan said, “India became a hostile country so trade with them became minimal.” The government’s policy was to have trade relations with all the countries.

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