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Petrol prices continue to climb due to the increasing oil prices. The average suggested retail price for a liter of petrol will rise by 4 euro cents on Friday. At the pump, a liter of Euro95 costs 2.31 euros. According to Paul van Selms of the consumer collective UnitedConsumers, it is the strongest increase in one day ever.

It concerns the average of the recommended retail prices that five major oil companies pass on to gas station owners and for which UnitedConsumers calculates an average national recommended price. The suggested retail price usually only applies at gas stations along the highway, elsewhere the price is 10 to 20 euro cents lower.

The price of diesel and LPG is also rising. A liter of diesel will cost more than 2 euros.

The already high oil prices on the world market have risen sharply due to Russia’s war in Ukraine. Traders fear disruptions to Russia’s large oil supplies to the market, resulting in ever higher fuel prices.

The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil has risen by $20 in two weeks to $112.

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