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Radboud University makes sustainability a mandatory part of the curriculum in all its study programmes.

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Students at Radboud University in Nijmegen will all be taught sustainability as part of their education, whether that’s law or microbiology.

Radboud University in Nijmegen is the best general, traditional university in the Netherlands.

This is where top research and high-quality education come together.

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From the 2021–2022 academic year onwards, sustainability will be made a part of every Radboud University student’s curriculum.

Whether they study law, maths or microbiology, all students starting at Radboud University will learn how they can solve sustainability issues from within their study programmes.

By integrating sustainability into the curriculum, Radboud University is taking a big step in its mission to have a significant impact on the future, a course of action that began with the ‘A Significant Impact’ strategy in 2019.

On Thursday 18 November, a week before Black Friday, Radboud University will draw special attention to the role of education and research in the climate crisis.

Daniël Wigboldus, President of the Radboud University Executive Board: “The climate crisis is a complex, global problem. As such, we have made the choice to have all students think about this problem from the perspective of their own discipline. All knowledge and research contributes to the better understanding and solution of these problems. We hope that other universities around the world will do the same and make a real difference. Radboud University wants to make a significant impact.
Almost 25,000 students are enrolled in degree programmes here and many will soon hold responsible positions in society.”

A Significant Impact –

Do more to restore nature and combat global warming.

This was the call to action from more than 220 prominent medical journals in their editorial commentary to world leaders.

Their message was to use knowledge, skills and authority for measures that matter on a global scale.

Radboud University has been working on sustainability for some time now, and offers students various options to engage with the theme in their study programme.

By announcing the integration of sustainability into every study programme, Radboud University is drawing attention to the role of education in the climate crisis on Thursday 18 November.

Becoming an influencer –

Whether you study law or microbiology, every student will come into contact with sustainability.

The future of students and that of our planet is at least partly in our hands.

Students, lecturers and researchers will work together using their creativity and critical thinking skills to tackle the consequences of the climate crisis.

“Anyone can contribute to improvement and be an influencer.”


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