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RIVM: after an extra shot, the chance of hospitalization is five times lower

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The booster shot is very effective to prevent hospitalization in covid-19.

That is what the RIVM states on the basis of hospital figures over the past two months. It is important to note that the figures mainly concern the delta variant, which has since been supplanted by the omikron variant.

RIVM draws the conclusions in its first report on the effectiveness of the booster campaign.

Link for RIVM first report-

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According to the institute, a boosted person has a five times lower chance of being admitted than someone who has been vaccinated, but has not yet had an extra shot.

The difference

Between November 19, 2021 and January 13, 2022, the protection for people with an additional vaccination was 97 percent against hospital admissions and 98 percent against ICU admissions. Those who only had the basic vaccinations were 85 percent protected against admission and 93 percent against ending up in intensive care, RIVM writes.

With regard to the unvaccinated, the difference was greater. The risk for them to end up in a hospital bed with corona was 33 times higher in the period studied than for someone who has been fully vaccinated, including booster.

De Volkskrant concludes from the RIVM figures that so far only nine boosted patients have ended up in the ICU in December and January.

During the same period, 1187 unvaccinated individuals were admitted to the intensive care unit.

Based on this study, little can be said about the relationship between serious illness in the omikron variant of Covid-19 and the booster shot.

Data from the United Kingdom show that the protection provided by the base series and booster against omikron is lower than against delta, RIVM writes. According to British researchers, it is already clear that an extra jab offers much more protection than just the basic jab(s).
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