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Vaccination figures: 27 December 2021 – 2 January 2022

By Sunday 2 January 2022, it is estimated that more than 24.7 million first and second vaccinations had been administered in the Netherlands. More than 13.3 million of those were first vaccinations, and nearly 11.4 million were second vaccinations.  

Vaccination coverage for the basic series

It is estimated that 89.1% of all people over 18 have received at least one vaccination in the basic series, and 86.0% have completed the basic series. According to estimates, 87.4% of all people over 12 years old have now received at least one vaccination in the basic series, and 84.4% have completed the basic series. 

Major increase in number of booster vaccinations

By Sunday 2 January 2022, more than 4.7 million booster vaccinations and third vaccinations had been administered. More than 3.8 million people have received their booster vaccination from the Municipal Public Health Services (GGDs). In addition, by 2 January, an estimated 731,000 people had received a booster vaccination from another vaccinator, such as hospitals, GPs or care institutions that have their own medical service. Since 6 October 2021, more than 131,000 people with severely impaired immunity have received their third vaccination from the GGD.

Vaccination coverage for the booster vaccination

It is estimated that 32.0% of all people over 18 have now received a booster vaccination. 

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