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Primary and secondary schools will reopen today. However, more than a quarter of the schools have insufficient ventilation, a recent study commissioned by the Ministry of Education showed . While ventilation helps to limit the spread of the coronavirus via aerosols, RIVM says .

The national government, municipalities and school boards point to each other when it comes to responsibility for tackling ventilation in schools. This is the conclusion of the Perspective Youth Platform in a letter of advice to the ministry.
“In many cases it is unclear who bears ultimate responsibility,” says Sven Annen, member of the committee. “It has been clear for quite some time that there are problems with ventilation in some schools. The fact that the responsibility lies with different parties leads to few new plans and projects.”

Good ventilation can help prevent another school closure, Annen says. “Closing schools should no longer be an option. It was now, because the situation in schools is not always in order. If you create a safe school environment, largely through ventilation, you can say: the schools are safe. And then take away your option of closing.”

The Platform Perspective Youngsters thinks that teaching in smaller classes can also contribute to better ventilation. “That improves the quality of education, but of course it also helps with better ventilation in the classroom,” says Annen. “Although of course that cannot be arranged overnight, because extra teachers are needed for that. It is up to the minister to make a good plan for this.”
Report by NOS.

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