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So far no positive coronavirus tests among Dutch Winter Olympic team

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The Dutch team that participates in the Olympic Games has been successful at keeping the coronavirus at bay for the time being.

Most of Team NL has been in Beijing for more than four days, and there are no reports of infections.

However, Dutch-born Austrian ski jumper Sara Marita Kramer has tested positive for the coronavirus before the Olympic games. Kramer was born in the Netherlands but moved to Austria with her parents at the age of six. Next to the Austrian flag, Kramer also has the Dutch flag represented on her helment. It was not known if she would depart for the Olympics after her recovery.

Dutch sports umbrella NOC*NSF says it is early to relax. Around three-quarters of the 42 Dutch participants flew to China on Wednesday. Every athlete had to undergo two coronavirus tests: one at the airport and one upon arrival at the Olympic village. Since then, all athletes, coaches, supervisors and other people present have been tested daily.

In the coming days, many more participants will arrive in China. On Saturday, five members of Canada’s Olympic tested positive for the coronavirus after arriving. They have gone into quarantine and hope to still participate in the Games, which start February 4. Earlier this week, several other people from other countries tested positive at the Beijing airport.

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At the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, four Dutch athletes tested positive for the coronavirus last summer, as did some coaches, supervisors and a journalist.

NOC*NSF chose to keep athletes away from each other as much as possible before leaving China. At Schiphol, the athletes and coaches were placed in a separate lounge after check-in. They sat in the front of the plane, so they could board the aircraft last and be the first to get off.

Reporting by ANP and NL Times.


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