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Nagpur: Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday in an event in Nagpur said that sometimes he ‘feels like quitting politics often’ as there are other things that needs to be done for the society.

He added that politics nowadays has become more about staying in power rather than being a vehicle for social change and development. Gadkari while addressing an event in Nagpur said, “We have to understand what the word politics means. Is it for the welfare of the society, country or about being in government?”

He further added that politics has been a part of the social movement since Mahatma Gandhi’s time, but then it focused more on the nation and development goals. “Today what we are seeing (in politics) is 100 per cent about coming to power. Politics is a true instrument of socio=economic reform and that’s why today’s politicians must work for the development of education, arts etc in the society.”

The union minister was speaking at an event organised to felicitate social worker Girish Gandhi who has a good base in the political camp. “When Girish bhau was in politics, I used to discourage him because I even sometimes think about quitting politics. Apart from politics, there are many things in life which are worth doing,” he said.

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