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Temporary Covid access passes soon available for tourists from outside the EU

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People who were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 in countries outside the European Union will soon be able to get a temporary Covid access pass at the central train stations in Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

The program could launch by mid-February. In a statement announcing changes to the regulation outlining use of the pass system, Health Minister Ernst Kuipers said that allowing people arriving in the Netherlands for a short stay to use their proof of vaccination will take strain off of the testing for access system, and reduce obstacles for many people visiting the country.

The Ministry of Health will operate special counters at the train stations to accommodate tourists, business travelers, logistics workers, trade show attendees, and flight attendants alike. People will be required to show proof of identity and a vaccination certificate in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.

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The vaccination certificate must have their name, the manufacturer of the vaccine given, date of vaccination, and a logo or stamp from a the country, institution or doctor who administered the vaccine. Acceptable vaccines are those approved by the Dutch Medical Evaluations Board, the European Medicines Agency, or the World Health Organization.

The pass will enable people to enter restaurants, museums, cafes, bars, events and other locations for up to two weeks. People vaccinated outside the EU would otherwise have to get tested for the coronavirus daily to access these areas, even if they are fully vaccinated. The minister said that between 2,000 to 2,500 people to visit the registration sites at the train stations every day, with most travelers likely to arrive at Schiphol Airport.

“A maximum period of validity of fourteen days has been chosen because this period is sufficient for the duration of stay of the vast majority of the target group, and because the issuance of this [coronavirus admission pass] is only facilitated in a few places in the country,” Kuipers wrote.

“When the validity period has expired, one can repeat the above assessment process, combined with a negative test result, to again obtain a short-stay [pass].”

The Cabinet did not specify the exact start date of the new registration sites. It said it anticipated the procedure could begin by February 15.

Reporting by NL Times


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