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Nagpur: Dyson is all set to enter the headphones market in the best way possible: The Zone, a pair of noise-cancelling bluetooth headphones with integrated air purification technology housed in a chic magnetic face visor. The product is both unusual and ambitious, making it the strangest and most ambitious product that the company has ever created.

Dyson released visuals of these devices on March 30. The visor’s contact-free design goes over the nose and mouth, capturing dust, pollen, bacteria, and even city gases. The earcups include a motor that aids in the purification process.

The British tech company ‘Dyson’ announced the release of its ‘Dyson Zone’ product, which includes headphones and air purifiers. Increasing the number of features in its bowl, the Zone’s filtration system also has several settings with varying levels of exertion. There is an automated setting that uses accelerometers to automatically adjust the airflow whether you are running or just strolling.

According to the company’s official statement, “30 years of air filtration expertise pioneered into a wearable, high-end audio device.” With a contact-free visor that delivers a steady stream of purified air to your nose and mouth. As a result, you can breathe cleaner air from anywhere.”

The Zone, according to The Verge, can filter out up to 99 percent of particle pollution – though the filters aren’t reusable and will need to be replaced after about a year.

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