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Nagpur: The sex workers of Ganga-Jamuna area of Nagpur have been protesting day and night for their rights and livelihood after the Nagpur police sealed the area on August 11.

Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar told The Free Media that there were illegal activities such as ‘flesh trading’ happening over there.

Kumar also added that it was the ‘need of the hour’ because there were minors too who were involved in such activities.

“We are carrying this out in a legal framework. Not just flesh trading, we received complaints of trafficking minors and women for illegal activities and gambling.

We know that the place has been running for more than 200 to 300 years but it is causing unrest to the residents nearby now,” Kumar told The Free Media.

Ganga-Jamuna Nagpur

He further added that another reason why the activities have been stopped in the red-light area is because there are schools and religious premises nearby. “We have even contacted a few NGOs for rehabilitation of the sex workers so that they can have a new start,” Kumar said.

The Free Media also went to the Ganga-Jamuna area to know the plight of the sex workers after the police sealed the area.

NGOs from Pune and Sangli had come down to the city to support the sex workers in the city.

One of the sex workers, Kiran said that they have been staying here since ages and none of the residents have ever had a problem with activities here and the police are trying to snatch their livelihoods.

“There are about 2,500 to 3,000 sex workers here and this action taken by the police has left us nowhere.

We practice sex in our own houses which is allowed by the law. When it comes to the minor girls, we have ensured the police that we ourselves will report it to them as we too are against involving the minor girls in such activities,” Kiran told the Free Media.

Another sex worker, Manisha said that no one gives them a job after they learn that they are from Ganga-Jamuna area.

“We are doing this by our wish, nobody is forcing us to do so. The police need to respect our decision as we are practicing it in our own homes,” she added.

In yet another angle to the story, the local residents have claimed that their family members, especially the females, have to face a lot of sexist comments.

“My sister and mother are asked about their rates when they leave their house in the evening,” claimed a resident of Ganga Jamuna area.

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