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The stats fact! 159 new vehicles hit city streets every...

Nagpur: Over 58,000 new vehicles have hit city streets, while vehicle registration in both City and East transport department offices has increased by 14 percent compared to fiscal year 2020-21, an official said on Wednesday. This equates to about 159 new vehicles on Nagpur roads every single day as per a report.During the fiscal year 2020-21, the city office registered 17,922 new vehicles, including 10,854 two-wheelers, 6042 four-wheelers, and 53 ambulances. Similarly, the East office counted 40097 vehicles, including 29500 two-wheelers, 7949 four-wheelers, and 24 ambulances.The total number of vehicles on city roads had surpassed 18.84 lakh as of March 31, 2022. Two-wheelers account for 81.51 percent of these vehicles, while four-wheelers account for 9.77 percent. The city’s two-wheeler population exceeds 15.35 lakh, with 1.84 lakh four-wheelers on the road.However, traffic experts expressed concern about the 14% increase in vehicle population. Not only will these new vehicles emit more pollution, but they will also take up more space, causing traffic congestion.”Many busy stretches, including Wardha, Kamotee, Amravati, and Central Avenue, already experience congestion even during non-peak hours,” traffic expert Raju Wagh said.

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