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Nagpur: Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday while addressing the Bihar Legislative Council said that those who drink are ‘mahapaapis’ (sinners).

Kumar did not stop there. He also added that those who drink are ‘not Hindustani.’ This development comes after Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MLC Sunil Singh demanded the dropping of cases of drinkers and releasing them from jail.

In response to Singh’s demand, Kumar said, “I would call them mahapaapi. I would say those who are not following Mahatma Gandhi are not even Hindustanis. They are incompetent people.” The chief minister further made it clear that the families of those who would die of drinking spurious liquor would not be getting any kind of relief from the government.

“We would not give any compensation to such families. Liquor traders would face stringent action post amendments in the Act,” he said. Speaking about the incident in Hoonch, he said that people know drinking is harmful and thus they are responsible for the consequences and not the state government.

“It’s their fault. They consume liquor even after knowing that it could be toxic,” Kumar said.

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