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Nagpur: The Maharashtra government on Wednesday lifted the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine mandate for students in the state’s colleges, universities and other higher educational institutions.

This means that the students are now allowed to enter and attend their offline classes even if they have not taken their Covid-19 vaccine jab.

State minister of Higher and Technical education Uday Samant tweeted, “Earlier, it was mandatory to take two Covid-19 vaccines for attendance at university and college. Now this condition has been waived and now all students can attend university and college.”

Maharashtra Colleges and Universities reopened on February 1, 2022. Students were asked to come back to campus for physical and offline classes. Based on this decision, the state government had asked all the students who were coming back to ensure they had been fully vaccinated with both the doses of the COVID-19 vaccination.

Students without the vaccination and the vaccine certificate were not allowed to attend offline classes at Maharashtra Colleges and Universities.

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