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Zuckerberg loses $7 billion due to Whastapp, Instagram, Facebook disruption

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Nagpur: Tech giant CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Facebook and apologised for the disruption in services of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram and stated that the services are returning online.

Not just this, according to reports, due to the disruption of the social media platforms, Zuckerberg’s personal wealth has fallen by more than $6.5 billion in just a few hours, knocking him down a notch on the list of world’s richest people.

The tech giant cited faulty configuration changes on its routers as the root cause of the outrage which lasted for six hours which prevented the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing the three most-widely used social media platforms.

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The stock slide on Monday sent Zuckerberg’s net worth down to $121.6 billion, dropping him to number 6, below Bill Gates.



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